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L-R 2009 Shooting King John Wiesbrock with 2008 Shooting King Bob Killian - Bob is last year's winner and a professional historian who came up with the fun and interesting Zulu war theme for the 2009 match

L-R 1st Knight Dave Hale, Shooting King John Wiesbrock, 2d Knight Jay Zentko with the Zulu Shield Target and the falling block rifle of the British Zulu War era

2009 Bird King Paul Bishop

2008 Bird King John Wiesbrock - Paul Bishop holding the Royal Orb

2008 Shooting King Bob Killian flanked by Knights John Wiesbrock and Justin Howeler. Jim Martin, winner of the 2007 match prepared the Lusitania target for the 2008 match.

Winners of the Bockbierschiessen in Treuenbrietzen on September 27th, 2009

1st - Walter Wildgrube (Center), 2d - Axel Wilke (Left) and 3d - Birger "Egon" Peplau (Right).
Congratulations to Egon also for being elected as the new Schuetzenhauptmann (club / shooters' captain / president)



On May 25th, 2008 our Shooting Brothers in Treuenbrietzen shot their Annual King's Shoot at their club in Treuenbrietzen, Germany. Congratulations go to the new Shooting King, Arno Engel (center), First Knight, Axel Wilke (left) and Birger 'Egon' Peplau (right). We enjoyed the visit of the match winners: return visits from Club president Axel, and Range Officer Arno, and a first time visit for Shooting Brother Egon, accompanied by three more club members for a week in May and June. Our friends came to America for for fellowship, a bit of sight-seeing and to participate in the flag dedication ceremony for the German-American Sports Club of Peoria. They had to return to their home town in Germany after such a short time to celebrate a very important city event: its 800 year anniversary. Congratulations to these winners and to the town of Treuenbrietzen for eight centuries of prosperity!

Paul Bishop

2008 Shooting King Match Participents from the Treuenbrietzen Shooting Guild

Winners: Shooting King, Arno Engel (center), First Knight, Axel Wilke (left) and Birger 'Egon' Peplau (right).



2007 King's Shoot

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#1 Club Participants

#2 This year's royal court: King Jim Martin, First Knight Chris Bach and 2d Knight Paul Bishop

#3 The 2006 King, Jay Zentko presents the new Schuetzenkoenig / Shooting King, Jim Martin with the Ehrenscheibe (Target of Honor)  

#4 2007 Vogelkoenig / Bird King Robert Killion

#5 2007 Speed Shoot Winners: Autoloaders - 1st Max Koehl (R), 2d Paul Bishop (M); Bolt Actions - 1st Paul Bishop (M), 2d Fred Roe (L)     


The photo below is from our Sister club in Treuenbrietzen and shows the winners of the November 2004 Bockbierschiessen in Treubrietzen. Congratulations to: Left - Klaus Waschetzko, 2d place, Center - Axel Wilke, 1st place, Right-Walter Wildgrube, 3rd place.

Our club's Sixth Annual Koenigsschiessen (King's Shoot) will take place on December 13th, 2003 immediately following the Mauser Match (around 11:30 AM) at Range #1. All club members are invited to participate. The match will be hosted by last year's Schuetzenkoenig, Max Koehl. Each shooter will take one shot on the wooden target, provided by King Koehl, with the same rifle also provided by the King. The winner wins the Ehrenscheibe and becomes the Schuetzenkoenig for the next year. Cost is $3.00 per shooter. There will be refreshments after the match.

This year's Vogelschiessen (Bird Shoot) will be shot concurrently with the December 13th Mauser Match on Range #1 at 10 AM. Bring your rimfire rifle (any sights) chambered for .22 short, long or long rifle with a 50-meter zero and some ammo to shoot at the Koenigsadler (wooden King's eagle). Shooters line up and contribute $1.00 to the pot for each 5 shots fired at the eagle. The shooter who shoots the eagle off its perch, or cuts off the largest piece of the eagle wins the pot of money and the title "Vogelkoenig" (Bird King) for the next year. Call Paul Bishop at 579-2914 with any questions.


2002 Hubertusschiessen (Black Bear) results

Some of the Shooting Brothers from Treuenbrietzen after the Hubertusschiessen of 10 November 2002. With the trophies from left to right: 1st place - Axel Wilke, 2nd place - Klaus Waschetzko, 3rd place - Walter Wildgrube.


2002 Match results

News from Schuetzengilde Treuenbrietzen: our shooting brothers across the pond held their annual Bockbierschiessen (Bock beer competition) that consisted of 10 record shots with muzzleloading pistol shot with one hand at a distance of 25 meters. The President reports that the event was "as always, very gemuetlich." For the win, Klaus Waschetzko won the tie-breaker with Walter Wildgrube with a score of 78. Klaus had the shot closest to the center. Third place went to Axel Wilke with a score of 77 and Dietmar Lange took fourth with 74 points. A close match indeed, congratulations!
Results from the Koenigsschiessen and Vogelschiessen here at Chillicothe: Doug Kann passed the title of Schuetzenkoenig (Shooting King) to Max Koehl. Erster Ritter (first knight) went to Rafael Rodriguez and Bob Hohmann took Zweiter Ritter (second knight.) This year marks our first year for the Vogelschiessen (Bird Shoot). Bill Wallinger shot the largest piece off of the wooden Koenigsadler (King's eagle) to win the title of Vogelkoenig (Bird King) for the next year and took the $21.50 pot as his reward. Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks to all of the participants!

2002 Vogelkoenig (Bird King) Bill Wallinger shot off the largest piece of the King's Eagle and won the pot of money

2001 King Doug Kann presents the Honor Target to the 2002 King, Max Koehl

L-R 2nd Knight Bob Hohmann, King Max Koehl, 1st Knight Rafael Rodriguez

2002 Speed Shoot Winners (L-R) 4th - Rafael Rodriguez, 1st- Jim Gurnsey, 2nd-Max Koehl, 3rd-Bob Hohmann

2000 Schuetzenkoenig presents the 2001 Schuetzenkoenig with the Ehrenscheibe

The 2001 Royal Court: (L-R) 2nd Knight Chalmer Cloyd, King Doug Kann, and 1st Knight Ross Baer


2001 Fourth Annual Koeniggschiessen Participants

Our shooting brothers in Treuenbrietzen celebrated their Schuetzenfest for 2001 on the 15th of December. The most important portion of this festival is of course the Koenigsschiessen. This is the one shot match that determines the Shooting King and the first and second Knights. This year's match in Germany was shot at 25 meters with a muzzle loading pistol and the results are especially interesting since each of the winners has visited our club, with the 2nd Knight making his third visit to Illinois only days after his win. Results are as follows:

Congratulations to all!

The results are in from the Annual New Year's Shoot which takes place on the first Sunday of each year in Treuenbrietzen. This year's match was shot with the .22 pistol. Each shooter fired 15 shots at 25 meters on the standard target used for both 25 meter pistol through 100 meter rifle matches.

Well done! We are just beginning to plan a club trip to our Sister Club. Our general format will be to fly as a group into Berlin, spend a few days in Treuenbrietzen and then split up into smaller groups to see other parts of Germany or Europe. We have no firm dates, but are looking into possibilities in the mid-June to early-July time frame. If you have interest or input, call Paul Bishop at 579-2914 or better yet E-mail me at Paul Bishop (

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