GROUND RULES (rev 04/2013)


1. Lock the gate when entering and leaving the grounds, except when a scheduled event is in progress.


2. No one under the influence of alcohol or narcotics will be permitted to participate in organized or practice shooting events. If continued and knowing violations are observed, report the violating individual to club officials. (SEE POLICY ON CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES)


3. The club grounds and facilities are for the use of members and their families. An occasional guest is allowed for purposes of securing new members. Exceptions are attendance at events open to the public and approved functions by the board.


4. Maintenance equipment and personnel have precedence over activity on club grounds except during approved club events.


5. All ranges will be used ONLY for target shooting (Paper, Clay or Steel). There will be NO shooting of dangerous debris-causing targets (Glass, Concrete Blocks, bricks etc.) on any range. Shooting airborne targets with rifles is prohibited. Whichever range you use, pick up all your litter (targets, shells, etc.) when finished.


6. NO club property is to be removed from the grounds without board approval.


7. Members must have their identification [with them] and must produce it to any club official requesting it. Members without proper identification will be asked to leave the grounds. Range marshals and club officials have full authority to enforce rules on the club grounds.


8. All violations of Federal and State Game Laws and Criminal Laws committed on club property are violations of club rules and grounds for loss of club membership.


9. All persons and guests using club facilities are expected to behave in accordance to range and grounds rules.


10. It is each member's responsibility to pick up his/her own litter when using the club’s facility. No dumping of any kind is allowed.


11. All vehicles must stay on the roads and parking areas. Unauthorized vehicles are not allowed on the shooting ranges. The speed limit around the grounds is 5 MPH.

Exceptions: Ranges 5 and 6, to set up or remove your targets from the range.  Range 7, if red light is on or range closed sign is showing, then you can drive on range 7 to place, repair or remove your targets.












13. Our lake is stocked with game fish for members and their guests. Pole and line fishing only is permitted. NO minnows or gas motors are allowed. Limits and restrictions will be posted at the front gate by the board of directors. NO wading, swimming, diving or dog training is allowed in the lake.


14. The indoor range is to be used only at board approved scheduled events.


15. No shooting of firearms on the archery range. Firearms must be unloaded and in cases.


16. No illegal narcotics allowed on the grounds.









People who CANNOT consume any alcoholic beverages on club grounds:

1 . Shooters or people who are going to shoot; until after they are done shooting.

2. Match Directors

3. Assistant Match Directors

4. Scorekeepers

5. Anyone assisting in the running or operation of a shooting match (handgun, rifle, shotgun, and archery)

6. Minors


RANGE RULES  (rev 07/2011)



Rule 1 Is The General Rule Applicable To All Ranges.

During board approved events & organized matches, the match or event director can, for safety reasons or for event or course design, modify these rules.

The following are the new range numbers:

            1 -- 100 yard range

            2 – Trap range

            3 – Short lakeside range

            4 – Cowboy Town

            5 – Practice Range

            6 – 3-bays

            7 – 300 yard range

            8 – Archery Range




I.  General Rules For All Ranges:


A.        Range safety is of utmost importance: No handling of firearms when anyone is down     range. All guns will be cleared, unloaded, and benched (or in the racks) before anyone        goes down range. Keep guns pointed down range or in a safe direction at all times, and     make sure that all guns are unloaded before proceeding to put up targets. Leave the   actions open for easy inspection by other shooters. Use only safe targets and direct all             shooting towards the backstops. 


B.        No centerfire rounds can be shot before 7 A.M. and NO shooting after 10:00P.M. on any             CSC Range.


C.        During all organized & informal shooting, eye &ear protection is required.


D.        No targets that produce a detonating or explosive affect when struck.

            1. Railroad torpedoes; gas filled containers & all others used in combination with   tracer

                 or incendiary ammunition.                   

            2. No aerial targets or firing above existing berms and backstops.  Exceptions are   clay

                trap targets during trap matches or informal trap practices.

            3. No glass, concrete blocks, bricks, stones, frangible material and that which would         

                be conducive to producing a ricochet.


E.         No 50 BMG Cartridge use allowed.


F.         No class 3 firearms allowed unless authorized by the board.  (Each use / event must be      approved by the board.  Use of near full-auto devices (example:  slidefire’, ‘bumpfire’,     

            slamfire’, Tapcon trigger, et. al.) is not allowed due to safety issues.


G.        No intentional firing at target support poles, metal covers, or silhouette stands.


H.        Targets will be placed so bullets that hit the target will then impact into the backstop or     side berms.


I.          Steel Targets - how close shooter can stand to them while shooting at them.

            1. Using handgun, rimfire, shotgun ammo, no closer than 25 yards.

            2. Using rifle ammo, no closer than 75 yards.

            3. Exceptions:  See Additional Rules For Shooting At Steel At Less Than 25 Yards.

            4. Speed needs to be 650 FT per second minimum.


J.          Shotguns

            1. Using shotshells is not allowed on Range 1 and Range 7. The use of slug ammo is                         allowed.

            2. Shot shells can only be used on Range 2, 4, 5, and 6.


K.        Side Berms - If using the side berms on Range 5 and 6 as bullet impact areas, you must     shoot in the down range direction (towards the backstop).  At no time can you shoot   directly into the side berm or in the up range direction (entrance area). It has to be at an     angle and in the direction of the backstop.



II.  Range 1.  100 Yard and Silhouette Range


A. Firing line is under the roof only.


B. Metal Silhouette targets only to be used on stands in front of berms on Silhouette Range only.    


C. Silhouette Range is limited to rimfire ammo only.


D. Side berm is not a bullet impact area.


E. It is each member’s responsibility to pick up his/her own litter when using the Club facility.


F. No use of shotshells allowed.



III.  Range 2.  Trap Range


A. Shooter must stand between the 2 outside bird throwing houses.


B. No standing on the roofs of the bird throwing houses.


C. If there is a person throwing clay targets, they must be standing even with or behind the  



D. It is each member’s responsibility to pick up his/her own litter when using the Club facility.



IV.  Range 3.  Short lakeside range


A. Side berms can be bullet impact area.


B.  It is each member’s responsibility to pick up his/her own litter when using the Club




 V.  Range 4.  Cowboy Town


A. Targets must be on freestanding support, behind the wall with windows and doors and in              

     front of the side berm, not attached to the window frames, doorframes, poles, or walls.


B. When facing down range -

     1. If shooting at targets in left side buildings, shooting can only be done when                                

         shooter is on left sidewalk.


     2. If shooting at targets in right side buildings, shooting can only be done when                                      

         shooter is on right sidewalk


C. Side berms can be bullet impact area.


D. It is each member’s responsibility to pick up his/her own litter when using the Club facility.



 VI.  Range 5.  Practice Range


 A. Firing line is under the roof.


 B. Side berms can be bullet impact area.


 C. It is each member’s responsibility to pick up his/her own litter when using the Club facility.



VII.  Range 6.  3-Bays


A. Side berms can be bullet impact area.


B. Do not shoot at spools or tables


C. Shooters must not shoot their firearms from further back than the front of the shelter on each   

     of the 3 bays.


D. It is each member’s responsibility to pick up his/her own litter when using the Club facility.



VIII.  Range 7.  200 Meter – 300 Yard Range


A. The firing line is under the roof only.


B. Side berms are not bullet impact areas.


C. No use of shotshells allowed.


D. Be aware of the red flashing lights and range closed sign.


E. It is each member’s responsibility to pick up his/her own litter when using the Club facility.






IX.       Range 8 Archery Range


  1. No shooting of firearms allowed on archery range. Firearms must be unloaded and in cases.


  1. Shoot all arrows from designated shooting positions.




  1. Do not cross-bale shoot. Shoot only the target for that designated position.


  1. Do not shoot fixed blades or expandable blade broad heads into practice bales.


  1. Before retrieving your arrows, make sure all the shooters on the line have finished. Then everyone proceeds to the bales to retrieve their arrows together.


  1. Before SHOOTING RESUMES, make certain that all shooters are back on the shooting line.


  1. Field roving on the pathways is allowed and encouraged on the entire 32 acres. However, for safety reasons, always enter and exit at the pathway located at the extreme left of the practice yard.


  1. Know your target, and what is beyond it.


  1. Cross-bows are allowed on the range.







Additional Rules For Shooting At Steel Targets At Less Than 25 Yards


A. These rules apply only to individuals and non-club and/or non-organized events.


B. Individual approval:

Club member must contact the match director of a similar event or the Board of Directors, to obtain approval to shoot at steel at less than 25 yards. Items to be considered:  Skill level, knowledge and experience with steel and reactive targets.


C.        Firearms allowed to shoot at Steel Targets at less than 25 yards:

            1. Handguns of pistol caliber only

            2. Rifles of pistol caliber only

            3. No slugs to be shot in shotguns

            4. Shotguns shot size to be no larger than #4 and lead shot only.


D.        Types of Steel Target material that can be used:

            1. Use only high strength alloy steel targets

            2. Use commercially available targets, the type which directs the bullet to the ground                         after impact.

            3. Homemade targets must be designed such that they direct the bullet to the ground                        after impact.

            4. Target must be in good condition with no ”pitting” or “pot marks”. These can                                send the bullet in un-expected directions.


E.         Shooting at targets closer than 10 yards will not be allowed.


F.         Use only Ranges 3, 4, 5 or 6 when shooting at steel targets at less than 25 yards.


G.        Place targets such that missed rounds impact the backstop or side berms.



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The enclosed Revised Ground & Range Rules were APPROVED by the CSC Board of Directors on 08JUL2014, and are effective immediately.






Previous issues of these Ground & Range Rules are obsolete.